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President Obama chose to side with the Muslim Brotherhood and Lost!

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President Obama chooses to side with the Muslim Brotherhood as the 48 hour deadline approaches near for Egypt’s President Morsi – Civil War draws Near

By: Julia Sieben

Update:  just off of Breaking News of DEBKAfile, just confirmed: Military coup underway in Cairo: Morsi and MB leaders arrested  DEBKAfile July 3, 2013, 7:17 PM (GMT+02:00)
President Mohamed Morsi has been removed from his palace and taken to a military base as the deadline passed. Muslim Brotherhood leaders are also believed under arrest. Security travel bans have been issued against Brotherhood leaders. Sources in Cairo report that they will be tried for “crimes” committed during their year in office. A formal announcement is awaited by the military council. A senior Muslim brotherhood politician said earlier: ” The people will not remain calm in face of ‘military rebellion.’” DEBKAfile: This was the Brotherhood’s first direct threat to the army that attempts to oust President Morsi would encounter the armed resistance of its followers.

In light of millions who have taken to the streets to protest the Islamic leadership of President Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood, President Obama has reaffirmed his support for the oppressive government.  Demands for Morsi to step down have reached a high pitch from the masses protesting the implementation of Sharia Law, persecutions of Christians.

Egypt presents a dilemma for the Obama.  In Choosing between the will of the people, and the results of the 2012 election, the White House has decided to respect the later. Obama has supported Morsi, even as his presidency became “increasingly authoritarian”.  This obvious support of the tyrannical leader has has infuriated Morsi’s opponents who have taken to the streets with pictures of the US president defaced with a large cross on the streets of Cairo

President Morsi’s defiant speech Tuesday makes military intervention inevitable after today’s 3pm ultimatum.  Morsi vowed to give up his life rather than step down in the face of a military deadline and intervention. His defiance triggered more violence overnight that claimed the lives of 23 people, injured hundreds more and raised fears the country is heading for civil war. Here are five key questions about a country on the brink.

Chances that Morsi will step down are almost nonexistent, especially in light of backing by President Obama promising to cut off the Egyptian Military who are acting as the equalizing and enforcing factor for the people.   In Tuesdays 45 minute speech on state television he remained defiant, saying that constitutional order was the only guarantee against further bloodshed.  Pointing out that he had been elected in a free election, he would give his life to defend this constitutional legitimacy (the Constitution that he and the Muslim Brotherhood drafted and adopted).  Morsi’s speech prompted an immediate uprising and violence which ushered in a warning from the military. A statement from the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces said: “We swear to God that we will sacrifice even our blood for Egypt and its people, to defend them against any terrorist, radical or fool.” An opposition spokesman called Morsi’s defiance “an open call for civil war”.

The United States has poured Billions in financial aid into Egypt which has been poorly managed by Morsi and his administration and the country despite its rich resources is broke.  While the government officials and Muslim Brotherhood has been enveloped in wealth, the populations are starving on the streets.  The billions of dollars, the citizens are unaware of, and the United States is seen by the populous and a contributory factor to the totalitarian authority of the state.

On Monday Obama made the public statement that the White House is “concerned” about the outbreak of violence in Egypt and is monitoring the situation closely. But the president said Morsi’s election was “legitimate” and called on all parties in Egypt to return to the negotiating table.

“Our position has always been, it’s not our job to choose who Egypt’s leaders are,” Obama told reporters in Tanzania. “When I took a position that it was time for Egypt to transition [Mubarak, 2011], it was based on the fact that Egypt had not had democratic government for decades, if ever. And that’s what the people were calling for.”

Obama did not tell Mubarak that he had to run in a democratic election, he simply told him that he had to step down.  Obama was the one who made sure that the Muslim Brotherhood, a group who had been banned from the country, was invited to his speech in Cairo.  Obama himself ushered in the Muslim Brotherhood into Egypt, and gave them controlling political power with rewards of billions of financial aid and weapons.

In Obama’s apologetic speech in Cairo, he stated the America was hated because it backed tyrants yet Obama; himself is backing an Islamic Tyrant.

President Obama contacted Morsi, despite his statements to the U.S. that he and his administration were neutral in the outcome of the situation in Egypt.  Obama pressed on Morsi to consider negotiations to appease the public, but was more firm with the Egypt Military and stated that all aid and arms would be immediately cut off if they proceeded to remove Morsi.  This does not sound too neutral to me.

President Mohamed Morsi has used the power of his presidency to target his political opponents, close Egypt observers argue that the Obama administration’s treatment of Morsi has been in line with the longstanding U.S. policy of turning a blind eye to the human-rights abuses of the previous leader in the Egypt.

Since the 2011 revolution in Egypt, Congress has sought restrictions proposed by legislators on the nearly $1.6 billion in annual U.S. aid to Egypt. Twice in two years, the White House and the State Department fought hard against any conditions applied to the aid that Obama claims credit for.

In addition to the funding, Obama has sent tanks, F-16 fighter jets, and billions in military aid to Egypt without any preconditions to that funding.

Now, the Obama Administration is only threatening to cut off that funding if Egypt’s military takes action, action the military claims is necessary to protect the people of Egypt from the Muslim Brotherhood.

One young Egyptian leader stated, “We are very critical of the Obama administration because they have been supporting the Brotherhood like no one has ever supported them,” calling the Obama Administration “the main supporter of the Brotherhood.”

The protesters on the streets of Egypt carry numerous signs condemning the United States interference and backing the Muslim Brotherhood.  Some such signs actually state that Obama supports terrorism through the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.

The Egyptian people voted for change they could believe in.  Sounds somewhat familiar doesn’t it?  How’s that Change doing for you now?

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  • cebg

    This is exactly what will happen in the USA if Obama keeps leading us down the path to Islum and sharia law. Pray for the people of Egypt to overcome the evil Muslim brotherhood.

  • James Stewart

    Yes, the same group that Bin Laden admitted to help in funding for the attack on the Cole, and everything else attributed to HIM, but actually done by THEM and admitted to as being done by THEM (short of 911 which was not part of either), and the one Group the USA did not want to admit to as doing it, but instead invented Al-Qaeda, because that is the only “so called” group that they could place Bin Laden at the head of, in order to try him for the crimes, legally in the USA (which never worked) is the same Group you are paying taxes for to support NOW. Funny how that works! Just a dash of Propaganda, a little Israeli influence, and “Wellah”! You have Presidential support for the perpetrators of the crime they falsely killed (if they really did at all) Bin Laden for. This is YOUR President.

    • Angry Grizzly

      That filthy Mooslum porch monkey is not my president The Democratic party has not had an honest American leader since JFK and the Elephant party is just as corrupt with that nutsack Rove and his marker board. We need a party of the people for the people that will follow the Constitution and not subvert it at every opportunity. Soros needs to be run over with the tracks of a Caterpillar D-9 while his boy barry watches in handcuffs. Only then will we have a chance of getting our country back. Hey Zuckerburg have ever heard of the bill of rights and the first Amendment??? or were you simply promoted each year to the next grade?

  • huecityvet1968

    I have a feeling in my soul that this historic moment in history will rub off on Americans and our disgruntled military officers. If there was ever a climate for a coup de ta it’s
    now and what a day to have it July 4th. It would make my day to wake
    up tomorrow and see a couple dozen M1-A1 tanks sitting on the lawn of the White
    House and have General David Petraeus giving a speech from the Oval Office.